[Meet The APCS]
The Australian Photographic Collectors Society

Formed in 1976, The Australian Photographic Collectors’ Society Inc. is an Incorporated “not-for-profit” Australian Society dedicated to the Collection and Preservation of Photographica. Members are from everywhere but are predominantly Australian. Their interests range from cameras of all kinds with their lenses and accessories, literature, processes, historic images and photographs. The Society conducts regular meetings, photographic markets and several auctions each year with many items from the general public as well as members. An extensive reference library, displays of photography from collectable and historic cameras, a Newsletter and a high quality journal, Back Focus are additional member benefits.

The Adelaide Collectors Market at the Norwood Hungarian Hall, previously managed by the SA Preservation Society and later by APCS, will now be excitingly run by the Adelaide Camera Expo. Join us for an unforgettable experience!