[When Did It All Start?]
Adelaide Camera Expo

The Adelaide Camera Expo ACE has quickly become the most popular camera event in South Australia, with last year selling 700 tickets!

ACE started in 2018, with store owner Luke having customers coming into the store saying that it would be great to have an event for camera geeks like they do in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

In Prizes


The Big Debut

Major manufacturers were invited to join the event to share their gear and expertise, and having new products from Photokina unveiled, alongside drone demos. Guest speakers from a wide range of shooting backgrounds also presented and did Q&As, sharing their experiences with listeners. Vintage photographic gear was sold as well, through seller tables which were awesome bargains. Free film developing was offered on the day, and each ticket was raffled to win a share of prizes worth $5000!


New Year Bigger Success

The 2019 Camera Expo was bigger and better than the year before: held on Sunday 29th September, the crowd was far bigger since hearing about the success of the previous year! There was another bunch of prizes worth a total $5000, and live music and food, coffee and wine being offerred made the day even bigger.


Covid Interruption!

PhotoCo had to take a break from the Adelaide Camera Expo whilst the world shut down, but the push to create an even better expo to make up for the years lost was getting stronger with every passing year.


ACE Returns

2023, it was the year of the Expo again!

November 26 2023 was the 3rd installment of PhotoCo’s Adelaide Camera Expo. The Expo was in combination with Black Friday, so there were lots of exclusive deals that only Expo ticket holders had access to. The prize last year was a brand new Fujifilm X100V, and had expert speakers such as Simon from Kither Co discussing shooting video and a huge array of brand speakers from Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Lumix, and tonnes of other brands!

We also offered courses, such as tin type photography, shooting with studio lights, portrait photography with Tony Kearney, amongst tonnes of other courses covering lots of different areas of the art.

Roughly 700 tickets were sold, with the 10am-4pm day bustling and with the store packed like sardines!

We’re excited to do it again later this year…


Two Days Expo

For the first time, the 2024 Adelaide Camera Expo will expand into a two-day event, dedicating one day to the expo itself and the other to interactive workshops. Participants will enjoy hands-on experiences with top industry experts and engage in guided photo walks, making it the most immersive edition yet.

But that’s not all!  The Adelaide Collectors Market at the Norwood Hungarian Hall, previously managed by the SA Preservation Society and later by APCS, will now be excitingly run by the Adelaide Camera Expo. Join us for an unforgettable experience!

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Adelaide Camera Expo will take place at the iconic Adelaide Central Market in Adelaide, South Australia